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Internal Medicine & Geriatrics offers the most comprehensive and innovative suite of geriatric services in New York. Our leadership in geriatric care is evident in everything we do – in virtually all of our medical specialties.

From the moment a patient arrives at our clinic, we are focused on minimizing stress and expediting treatment, and Highland is renowned for providing compassionate care in a comfortable community hospital environment. Geriatric doctors are board certified in family medicine or internal medicine, after which they receive specialized training in geriatric medicine. The goal in geriatrics medicine is to improve the elderly patient’s ability to function and improve the quality of life of the patient, family, and caregivers.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of elderly person
  • Memory evaluation and diagnosis of dementia
  • Functional evaluation of elderly and activities of daily living
  • Diagnosis and management of Geriatric syndromes
  • Medication management

Based on an overview of the patient’s history and records, the geriatrician consults with all other specialists to determine an overall care plan. While most geriatric patients are age 75 years or older, a patient may require or benefit from elderly care if he or she is forgetful or cannot perform normal daily activities without assistance.